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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

good point, but I'll bet they can burn in Russia!

Several residents spoke during public comment to express their opposition to the ordinance and its restrictions.
“I hope you people are smart enough not to vote for it,” said lifelong resident Rick Penrod. “I mean, we're not in Russia. We just pledged allegiance to the flag here just a second ago. Surely, you don't believe in this.”
Initially, Supervisor Bruce Robinson made a motion to reject the ordinance and send it back to the planning commission with comments so that the commission could continue working on it, but the motion was defeated.
The board voted unanimously to table it, so the ordinance will be on the agenda again next month.
“It needs a lot of work,” said Supervisor Paul Knupp, who said he wants to research what other communities have in place regarding burning.
Supervisor Gary Thistlethwaite said he wants more time to review the ordinance.
“I think we need some time to think about it and make some comments to the planning commission,” said chairman Wade Thomas, who felt the ordinance lacked common sense. “That ordinance is absolutely ridiculous.”

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