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Friday, October 16, 2015

Pork Seaweed & Cooking Classes!

Pork Seaweed with Rice Special
Mountain Palace

Seaweed remains one of the healthiest food sources on the planet, rich in nutrients otherwise unavailable. It provides protection against cancer, supports healthy thyroid function as a rich source of iodine, its folic acid helps prevent birth defects, spina bifida and high blood pressure, its high magnesium levels act as a natural relaxant and anti-inflammatory, its lignans help relieve menopausal symptoms as hot flashes, and its high levels of alginic acid help remove heavy metal toxins.

Friday 5 to 9, Saturday 12 to 9 & Sunday 12 to 8
Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road across from Mirror Lake

Cooking Class 
Chicken, Cashew & Celery
This Sunday, October 18 12:00 $25 includes meal

Cooking Class
Northern Chinese Dumplings from Scratch
Yuzhen wanted to share her knowledge of making authentic Northern Chinese Dumplings before her departure for China on November 11. Anyone who has had the good fortune to enjoy her tasty Miracle Dumplings, which have been so popular at Mountain Palace, is encouraged to attend.
Sunday, November 1 12:00 $25 includes meal

Reservations Requested for Cooking Classes
724 717-8614
724 288-3872