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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tip of the Day "Shaving Cream"

I found a great book at a little consignment store a while back called ....
"The Queen of Cleans" by Linda Cobb  2002

So each Day I would like to Give a tip of the Day from this little book... some things even my Gram used to tell me........Enjoy

SHAVING CREAM...Shaving cream is one of the best spot and stain removers available  ...That's because all it is is whipped Soap!  If you have a stain on your clothes , carpet, or car seat...moisten the spot, work in some shaving cream, and then flush it with cool water.    If your wearing the item at the time, work the shaving cream in and use a clean cloth to blot the shaving cream and the spot away....Finish off with a quick touch of the blow dryer to prevent a ring .... I carry some in the car just in case lol
it works!!