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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Meaning and Purpose of Life - Tsai Wen Chin

Mountain Palace Discussion Group
Tuesday June 7  2:00 pm 
Free - Reservations Requested
Join Tsai Wen Chin at Mountain Palace for this "philosophy of life" discussion


PART ONERealizing the Secret of Life

The Secret Hidden under Human Living
1.          Human life sustains in the ever repeating process of perception and reaction as in a loop. For a person, because of not realizing the makeup of his perception, the reaction to it becomes karmicthe so-called making karmano matter he reacts with good deed or bad deed, under goodwill or evil will.
2.          Making karma (= karmic reaction) will unavoidably cause three happenings to a person:
(1)         Triggering the karmic moral law of cause and effectEvery karmic action/deed will bring a karmic return (retribution) of good fortune or bad fortune to experience in the future of either this life or future lives.
(2)         Reincarnation (rebirth of life)It will create further karmic perceptions to drive the person to react to them ignorantly again so as to form the unceasing continuation of this life and future lives.
(3)         Ignorance (spiritual delusion)A karmic reaction will reinforce the person’s ignorance of his true SELF (the actual spiritual agent which lives a person). He will become kidnapped by his karmic perceptions in every moment of life, as in a dream, to be sometimes happy, sometimes suffering, and all together, to be ignoring the very truth of who he is, who others are, and who God is, so as to suffer in the endless process of life and death.

PART TWOThe Meaning and Purpose of Life
PART THREEFulfilling the Meaning and Purpose of Life

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