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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tsai - Making Karma

Tsai Wen Chin
Presents at Mountain Palace
The Mystery Underlying Human Living
Wednesday June 29  2:00 pm
Outline for the speech on Jun 29

The mystery underlying human life is the phenomenal “karma.” Making karma (= reacting to one’s perception “deludedly”) will result in the following three mysterious happenings:

1. Reinforcing spiritual delusion
2. Triggering the karmic law of cause and effect
3. Constituting reincarnation

1.    (Spiritual delusion) A person’s perception in life deludes him to take his physical body and its history as the totality of him and all others as the objective world he lives in and deals with. This blinds him from the truth of who he is in life so as to also block the way back to Heaven for him after the end of this life.
2.    (The karmic law of cause & effect) Every time his reaction to what he perceives from outside becomes a causative command to himself (in the spiritual level) to receive the same “intention” of the current reaction coming from outside as an external situation for him to experience and deal with in the future.
 3.    (Reincarnation) His present perception is confined and defined by his current karma, while his current karma is derived from his reaction to the perception each time in the past. This forms an incessant, self-producing (chicken-and-egg), cycling situation for his life to continue, even after the end of this one.

(To be continued next time: THE SOLUTIONKnowledge & Practice)

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