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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Understanding Karma - Tsai Wenchin

Living one’s spiritual Self in the karmic life environment primarily requires an ATTITUDE CHANGE in living – from the habitual “I am my physical body and its history” to the new master “I am the inner spirit, currently responsible for living my physical body and its history.” Such a change will not happen to last for long unless one’s motivation is right and also strong enough. After listening to the previous five presentations of “The Mystery underlying Human Living – Karma,” a motivation out of “Yes, I want to do it” will not work for the change; only a strong motivation out of the awakening mind to realize “I should do so” may work continuously until the final spiritual enlightenment. Belief, aspiration, practice, and achievement (periodical progress) are the four cycling steps that may continuously help strengthen our right motivation and also know how to make genuine progress in the spiritual level. Mr. Tsai will guide us to study these four steps in his next presentation for us on September 13th (Tuesday) at 2:00 PM
Tsai Wenchin
Tuesday, September 13  2:00 pm
Mountain Palace
111 Creek Road
Bolivar, Pa 15923
724 717-8614
724 288-3872
This is a free presentation opportunity 
If hungry, dumplings only can be purchased before or after the presentation. Please come early enough to finish eating before the presentation.