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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Perfect Christmas Gift - Miracle Pillow!

Miracle Pillow
Homemade with fresh jasmine tea!

Miracle Pillow is a very unique Christmas present for your life partner, your parents, your kids, your friends, your relatives, and don’t forget yourself.  I am sure they will be surprised and very appreciative.  

Miracle Pillow is stuffed with fresh jasmine
 tea for healing and wellness purposes
Poor posture is a main cause of neck and back problems. Especially they are caused by an improper pillow as we spend about one-third of our lives in bed. Many people keep changing several pillows overnight and still have neck pain, headache, mid back and even low back pain and feel tired in the morning. Correct pillow height and filling are key to preventing these health problems.

Lingzhi Cai, M.D., Ph.D. designed the Miracle Pillow based on her medical background, traditional Chinese medicine theory and her life experience to try helping people who are suffering from these problems. Each Miracle Pillow is handmade by Dr. Cai.

Miracle Pillow is filled with Fresh Jasmine tea.  This unique material is hard enough to support the head and neck muscles and loose enough to exactly conform to cervical curvature.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) View

  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the head is regarded as “the house of essential substance”, essence from the organs are gathered there, and blood and qi(vital energy) always flow through it. Thus, the head serves as the highest center for regulating functions inside the body. Since we spend one third of our day sleeping on a pillow, Miracle Pillow can make the properties of jasmine tea enter through the head. Jasmine tea has a very pleasant aroma which helps tranquilize, refresh and dilate the local blood vessels leading to harmonizing the internal environment. Since jasmine tea has several healthy benefits including stress relief, lowered cholesterol and high blood pressure, arthritis and joint pain relief, cardiovascular health, diabetes improvement, gastrointestinal disorder reduction, increased immunity and cancer prevention.  Miracle Pillow not only fixes your neck problem but also is suitable for headache, insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, etc. 
  Miracle Pillow will take all pressure off from your neck. It is not fully filled to give you room to adjust to your needs. It makes you feel very comfortable and  relaxed and has a very pleasant aroma.  You can throw all of your other pillows away and have a sweet dream with Miracle Pillow!

We received very good reviews from people who got the Miracle Pillows

  They said they felt so comfortable and so relaxed when they laid on it.  They had a very good sleep without changing any pillow and felt so refreshed without any neck pain or headache the next morning. They reported having more energy at daytime and being more productive to get things done.

  Since people got the Miracle Pillow as a Christmas present, it is now in short supply. Please preorder ahead a week

You can bring your own favored materials 

$45 for each
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